How to be a Google Search Pro

How to be a Google Search Pro

Train Your Brain To Get The Best Results From Google | taught by Carey Gjokaj


Google is the world's most powerful problem-solving solution, and yet most people barely harness 1% of its power.

Those people are missing out on tremendous time savings and business opportunities. They're getting left in the dust of those who HAVE figured out how to leverage this tool - people who are using Google to solving complex problems with ease and impress their managers.

This is an entry level workshop on how to use Google to solve problems. In 27 minutes, we will teach you how to use Google's special search operators to get information you never even realized you could get from Google.

But we don't just show you these fancy tricks - we also show you how to train your brain to think in a way that will get you the best results from Google.

Using real-world case studies of typical problems an entry-level employee would face, we walk through from start to finish how to use Google like a pro to become a master problem-solver.

Employers should not only take this workshop to round out their Google Search abilities, but also purchase it for their employees for an incredible way to level up their entire team.

Carey Gjokaj
Carey Gjokaj
CEO, Lifehack Bootcamp

Carey is known for her ability to create streamlined team workflows and processes in teams of all sizes. Previously, she was a brand manager for Kraft Foods and Popchips.


Workshop: How to be a Google Search Pro
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