Ballin' On A Budget

Ballin' On A Budget

taught by Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
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Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
Co-Founders, Lifehack Bootcamp

About the instructor

Demir has worked in senior roles in technology, finance, and government and is the Head of Coaching & Curriculum at Lifehack Bootcamp. His passion for coaching others to their highest level is his life's mission.

Carey is the CEO at Lifehack Bootcamp and is known for her ability to create streamlined team workflows and processes in teams of all sizes. Previously, she was a brand manager for Kraft Foods and Popchips.

We were SO frustrated with our personal finances not long ago.  It seemed like money just slipped through our fingers, no matter how much we made!

We knew we could be doing better with our budget, but all the options out there seemed so complicated, or required us to spend a ton of time updating spreadsheets and cutting coupons.  

It was like we needed to sacrifice everything good in life, like eating out or buying things we wanted to, in order to keep a budget.  Ever felt like that?

Uh uh, not okay with us!

Today, we’ve created our own set of rules for how we manage money. And it’s enabled us to live an independent lifestyle in different countries all around the world - all the while making MORE and saving MUCH MORE than we ever have before. We also don't pinch pennies or give up all the things we love spending money on.

We’ve paid down $50k in debt, while growing a business that makes multiple 6-figures, putting money away for retirement, and traveling to 18 countries in the last 2 years.

In our new course, we're going to be sharing how to change your mindsets around budgeting and create a personal finance system you LOVE.

Because money means FREEDOM to us. It means the ability to enjoy the journey, loving every minute of our life TODAY, while also creating freedom in our future.  

What’s different about our approach to money is that we leave many of the traditional budgeting methods by the wayside. They simply don’t work for our way of life, and cause us more stress and guilt than relief!

Our Ballin’ On A Budget System is made up of 3 simple steps.

First, we'll show you how to strip away all the negative mindsets and guilt around money. We all have these painful emotions associated with money.  

But we need to channel these in a positive direction so that money management can be FUN again!

Second, we'll show you a step-by-step process to SET UP your new personal finance system.  You won’t have to GUESS at exactly how to work the system, we’ll show you exactly what to do and why.  

This is a one-time setup process so that later, keeping your budget updated will take just 1 hour per month.

And third, we'll show you an easy way to keep your new system updated in 1 hour per month.  You’ll know where your money is going and where it’s coming from.  

And you’ll know techniques for saving money while living a MORE AWESOME Baller life.

JUST IMAGINE spending exactly what you expect to each month, and knowing where your money's going.

Imagine logging into your bank account and seeing so much MORE money than you thought you had.

Imagine feeling secure and calm about your financial future, because money is no longer a limitation.

Let’s take action TOGETHER to make this a reality. 

Here's what you can expect from the Ballin’ On A Budget system:

You’ll create a rock-solid system for your personal finances that doesn't require constant updating and monitoring.

You’ll get in control of your spending...without sacrificing the things you love

You’ll automate your savings goals...and finally stop worrying about how much you're saving.

You’ll get clear on your money goals and create a path to get there...without spending hours and hours inside a spreadsheet.

You’ll experience more fun, freedom, and adventure than ever before...without the guilt and stress of traditional budgeting.

You’ll also learn how to change your negative mindsets around money...and experience budgeting without shame and anxiety.

And you’ll finally stick to a budget system consistently...instead of abandoning it in a matter of weeks.

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