Focus & Control Time Mastery Membership

Focus & Control Time Mastery Membership

taught by Demir Bentley
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Demir Bentley
Demir Bentley
Head of Coaching & Curriculum

About the instructor

Demir has worked in senior roles in technology, finance, and government and is the Head of Coaching & Curriculum at Lifehack Bootcamp. His passion for coaching others to their highest level is his life's mission.

Why does everyone talk about time management, but no one's able to succeed in mastering it? The reason is because time management isn’t just 1 skill, it’s 4 skills happening at exactly the same time: Focus, Attitude, Stamina, and Time!

The secret is to stop chasing an illusion, and start mastering these 4 simple skills.

And I’ve got good news - you’re only a few hours away from the training you need to get these 4 skills working in perfect synchronicity.

So if 1 of the following describes how you’re feeling, then get ready to finally break through on GETTING SH** DONE!

  • You’re desperate to stay focused, yet entire weeks go by without making significant progress towards your goals
  • You feel overwhelmed and stressed out most of the day
  • You think “If only there were more hours in the day”, then I could finally make some progress!
  • Emails pile up in your inbox, burying you in a mountain of work
  • You tend to procrastinate on important projects that would move you ahead
  • You’re pulled in a dozen directions by conflicting priorities
  • And you’re just TIRED of it all!

I’m so proud to introduce the “F.A.S.T Focus & Control” Time Mastery Course! 

We’ve distilled 4 simple steps to create more time in your day - while doubling or quadrupling your output.  These steps are designed to deal head-on with the fundamental productivity issues that are keeping you from your results.

Our new program contains years of careful experimentation and only includes the information and exact steps we KNOW will get you results.

We TOSSED all the stodgy outdated time management advice, and replaced it with the modern tools we need in our completely new world of distraction, media, and technology.

When I was working on Wall Street, I felt like I was struggling to keep my head above water.  Even though I was working crazy long hours, I never got enough done.  I gained 80 pounds, sabotaged my relationship, and gave up my hobbies to throw myself into my work.  But nothing helped.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing this course with you...because you don’t need to go through the decades of learning, testing, and pain that I did.  

Unlike other productivity programs that overwhelm you or offer information that doesn’t really give you actionable next steps, our program will give you proven, step-by-step directions you can implement to STOP feeling overwhelmed and finally feel the power and confidence you’ve been missing.

Carey and I have read the time management books, taken the seminars, and tested our methods on hundreds of our clients - and it all boils down to these 4 steps.

Plus...our “F.A.S.T” Process is easy and fun - and suitable for professionals in all industries!

Stop wondering which apps to download, or getting bogged down reading tips and tricks articles.  Our process works for professionals in all industries and stages of life, including small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and managers and covers everything you need to know about creating Time Abundance under one roof.

Just imagine how much EASIER it is to get things done. You’re able to shut your laptop and go home early, feeling fantastic about what you and your team created.  This means no more frustration, no more anxiety, and no more guilt or self beat-up around your work. In fact, your family and colleagues start asking you how you manage to get it all done!

So who are we, and why are we so passionate about this material?

We’re professional full-time productivity coaches and two of the leading online coaches in the industry.  Hundreds of clients graduate from Lifehack Bootcamp, our flagship program, each year with their productivity radically transformed.

We’re also acclaimed writers, media personalities, and coaches to CEOs and self starters in dozens of countries.  We co-host the annual Lifehack Summit, where we lead dozens of top productivity authors and leaders in providing the latest insights to the Lifehack Bootcamp community.

When we aren’t traveling to new countries around the world, we’re figuring out the best ways to work smarter, not harder.  

Here’s what you’ll discover inside our F.A.S.T Focus & Control Course:

  • The 4 simple skills to quickly transform your productivity, along with our super hacks to get this information working immediately
  • An entire section on how to transform your FOCUS.  You’ll find yourself outperforming everyone else in your industry using this hack alone!
  • We’ll show you how to master your mind,so you can defeat negative thinking, procrastination, fear and anxiety.
  • We’ll show you how to manage your energy and physical stamina to sustain a high level of performance over a long period of time.
  • We’ll show you our technique for scheduling, tracking, and managing your time to discover and recover hours in your week that you didn’t think existed!
  • You’ll also discover how to control and direct your communications, so that you aren’t being dinged to death by distractions
  • You’ll learn how to stay productive longer instead of falling victim to fatigue and sloth
  • And we’ll even teach  you when and how to use social media and the news - there’s a right way that very few understand, and there’s a wrong way that most people use it!

And more…

Scroll down to learn more about the syllabus and exactly what you’ll be getting in the FAST Focus & Control course.

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