Lifehack Bootcamp 124

Lifehack Bootcamp 124

Journey To Productivity Mastery | taught by Demir Bentley


Lifehack Bootcamp is the definitive experience to achieve productivity MASTERY. You will learn by doing. You will build the nitty gritty infrastructure that's going to automate big chunks of your work and life, liberating more time than you'll know what to do with.

Just in Week 1, you will get ahead of your work for the first time in years, and create HOURS of free time. Then each week after that we introduce you to powerful tools and techniques to eliminate, automate, consolidate or delegate your work.

1. This week we get you organized to get the MOST out of your experience. The first week is a sorely needed rocket booster to get you started.
  • Block distractions and maintain focus to start having powerful workdays
  • Start using the Sticky Focus Game
  • Meet your accountability buddy, your captains, and your coach and get PUMPED about the next 8 weeks

2. This week is about killing LIMITING CONCEPTS about how we work, and creating NEW HABITS that really work for you.
  • Understand what's holding you back when it comes to your productivity, and how to break through
  • Learn effective working habits, and how to create new habits and break bad habits
  • Design a morning routine and evening routine optimized for you

3. This week introduces the concept of LEVERAGE and the POWER OF PRIORITY - how to know you're getting the RIGHT priorities done.
  • You'll leave this week with a concrete roadmap to your dreams that you actually believe in
  • Bootcamp Grads continually reference this week as the most powerful week of the Bootcamp

4. This week is about implementing an ACTION PLATFORM to create a workflow where YOU control the pace and priorities. We're going to show how to execute against your vision like a CEO, not a worker bee.
  • Introduction of tools and systems used by CEOs to set their big visions and keep everyone marching to it, in spite of interruptions and obstacles
  • Never write a to-do list EVER AGAIN - this week will show you a more effective way of processing open loops and tasks

5.This week is about EMAIL MASTERY - putting email in a corner and getting your work day back. You will be in full control of all incoming email, with new tech tools to help you fight the email battle and win. This module alone is worth your time and effort.
  • How to batch email, get on a response schedule, and lever technology to automate scheduling
  • Write PERFECT emails in less than 5 sentences
  • Get to Inbox Zero, and stay there - forever

6. “Every battle is won before it is fought" - Sun Tzu. This week introduces you to how POWERFUL of pre-planning and consolidation can be when you do them ahead of time.
  • How to pre-plan your weeks and months to get MAJOR chunks of time back
  • Bring power and control to your work with consolidation, freeing up even more cognitive capacity

7. This week is about creating the INFRASTRUCTURE to scale past your limitations, creating more OUTPUT than you ever thought possible.
  • Begin building your automation infrastructure, using Google Apps, DropBox, LastPass, and many more tools
  • Learn how to create SOP's (standard operating procedures) and set up the structure you'll need to start delegating tasks to other people, and even outsource tasks

8.This week shows you how to get OTHER PEOPLE doing your work for you, vastly magnifying your output.
  • How to recruit, evaluate, hire, and maintain staff from any outsourced platform
  • How to address security issues, and how to replace staff painlessly when and if they move on
  • Lifehacking at Home - applying these principles to your personal life

Demir Bentley
Demir Bentley
Head of Coaching & Curriculum

Demir has worked in senior roles in technology, finance, and government and is the Head of Coaching & Curriculum at Lifehack Bootcamp. His passion for coaching others to their highest level is his life's mission.


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✓ Week 7: Finals Week Project [9 min]
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