Power Day

Power Day

taught by Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
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Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
Co-Founders, Lifehack Bootcamp

About the instructor

Demir has worked in senior roles in technology, finance, and government and is the Head of Coaching & Curriculum at Lifehack Bootcamp. His passion for coaching others to their highest level is his life's mission.

Carey is the CEO at Lifehack Bootcamp and is known for her ability to create streamlined team workflows and processes in teams of all sizes. Previously, she was a brand manager for Kraft Foods and Popchips.

As you charge into your office every morning, which of the following most accurately describes your general state of mind:

Attitude #1: You feel anxious, stressed and a little worn-thin - not quite sure what the day is going to bring you and not quite sure what emergency is going to side-track you?

Attitude #2: You feel powerful, energetic and focused -- knowing that you're going to kick butt and take names, no matter what gets thrown on your plate.

Now ask yourself this…

If you could begin tackling more and more of your days with Attitude #2 above, how radically do you think your life would change?

💭 Do you think you would get more meaningful work done?
💭 Do you think you would be more confident in your decisions?
💭 Do you think you would be a bigger inspiration to your team?
💭 Do you think you could weather challenges and obstacles better?

My guess is yes, right? All of the above.

So the REAL question is, how do you consistently ditch attitude #1 and switch over to attitude #2?

If you've been approaching your work with dread, stress and anxiety for longer than 30 days, that has become your default state of mind. You've literally programmed yourself to be dissatisfied with your work. 


Do you want to be one of those people who leaps out of bed, feels good about their work, and goes home in the afternoon feeling truly satisfied with the day's accomplishments? 

Then you're in the right place!

We're going to be right there with you. Every morning, you'll receive a message in your inbox with new strategies, systems, and mindset shifts to make your day Powerful. 

Power Day consists of 4 Modules, each designed to get you starting your day in the most powerful way. There are 5 videos per module, released one day at a time.

The Modules are based on what we consider to be the 4 pillars of a Power Day: 

  • Module 1 - Power Environment
  • Module 2 - Power Morning
  • Module 3 - Power Focus
  • Module 4 - Power Mindsets

An average workday isn’t good enough anymore. Having a power day, EVERY day, is what differentiates the tiger (you) from the cats (average people).

All it takes is 15 min of prep time every morning to dial into your zone of genius and show up to work as the very best version of yourself.

Get ready for the most POWERFUL 30 days of your entire year!!

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