Lifehack Systems Mastery Course

Systems Mastery Challenge

Create better systems to run your life -- in TWO WEEKS! | taught by Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley


In the Systems Mastery Bootcamp, you will create the systems that will automate your life. Taking what you've learned in the Core Bootcamp, we're now focused on implementing these tools on a grand scale in your work and life.

The Systems Mastery Bootcamp will be project based. In these projects, you will be build the systems and processes that will get work done FOR you. The result will be a system of processes for your business that automates or delegates the day-to-day work, so that you can focus on working ON your business.

There will be pre-work to do consisting of videos and brainstorming. We expect this pre-work to take 3-4 hours to do, please plan accordingly.

Module 1 and 2 Understand how to turn your dream world into reality.
  • Become the ultimate "project engineer" of your life and learn to see your world as a set of linear systems that you control
  • Identify a list of the top 10 systems in your life and business
  • Advanced Priority List - we will take your priority list beyond yourself to include your business or immediate household
  • Advanced Pre-Planning - we will be pre-planning our weeks and months at a deeper, more dedicated level
  • Learn how to create SOP's (standard operating procedures) and set up the structure you'll need to start delegating tasks to other people, and even outsource tasks

Module 3 and 4 Set up an entire system in your life to be either delegated or automated.
  • Output is a series of SOPs (minimum 10) which together represent the start-to-finish cycle of the system.
  • System could be from your business: sales cycle, social media design and posting system, email design and processing system, responding to customer complaints system, company communication policy, etc
  • It could also be a set of sub-systems for your personal life, such as: system for remembering special events and gift buying, house and car cleaning instructions, creating and booking family travel, managing your friend relationships, etc
  • Your project will be submitted to get the group's stamp of approval before you start work on it

Module 5 and 6Test and revise one major process in your life and tune it to perfection, so that it can run perfectly without your supervision
  • Finally step away from working exclusively IN your business, and experience the freedom of working ON your business while it runs itself
  • Advanced Mindsets: Learn to look at errors as opportunities to improve your system
  • How to recruit, evaluate, hire, and maintain staff from an outsourced platform (Elance, UpWork, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and more), plugging seamlessly into your automation infrastructure

Are these classes in-person or online?

This course is an online SELF-STUDY course.  If you're interested in coming back and doing the LIVE Systems Mastery course, email and we'll deduct the cost of this course as a courtesy.

Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
Demir Bentley and Carey Bentley
Co-Founders, Lifehack Bootcamp

Demir has worked in senior roles in technology, finance, and government and is the Head of Coaching & Curriculum at Lifehack Bootcamp. His passion for coaching others to their highest level is his life's mission.

Carey is the CEO at Lifehack Bootcamp and is known for her ability to create streamlined team workflows and processes in teams of all sizes. Previously, she was a brand manager for Kraft Foods and Popchips.


Carey Bentley, CEO -

Demir Bentley, Head Trainer -

Paul Templeton, Admin Support -


Module 3: Test Driving Your System [STAGE 3][27 min]
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Review Materials from Basic - Lifehacking At Home
9.1 Introduction to Lifehacking at Home
9.2 The baby shower analogy
9.3 Paradigm- The -Rubik-s Cube- method of lifehacking
9.4 The lifehack design template
9.5 Homehack #1- Run your personal life in Asana
9.6 Homehack #2- Hire a virtual assistant
9.7 Homehack #3- Use a food delivery service
9.8 Homehack #4- Track what you want to control
9.9 Homehack #5- Get help in your home!
9.10 Homehack #6 - Host events at home
9.11 Homehack #7 - Create experiences, not hangouts
9.12 Homehack #8 - Set recurring meetings and events
9.13 Homehack #9 - Create intimacy through habits and rituals
9.14 Homehack #10 - Teach your kids pomodoros
9.15 Homehack #11 - Put your kids to work efficiently with SOP-s
9.16 Homehack #12 - Downsize your life
9.17 BIG BONUS LECTURE - Erica's Assistant Introduction
9.18 BIG BONUS LECTURE - Introduction Video (Patrice Jackson) Final Update
9.19 BONUS DISCUSSION- How to apply the concepts from each week of the bootcamp
9.20 BIG BONUS: Click Here to Hire Your Own Virtual Assistant!
Section Recap
Love & Money Task Classification Quadrant
Outsourcing Ideas
Exercises - Hacking at Home
Chart - Use food and grocery delivery
Next Level Living
Solutions vs. Lifehacks
The Hero - Villian Axis
Time Sucking Jobs
Pain Points
Chart - Train your kids to work in pomodoros
Chart - Create experiences not hangouts
Chart - Downsize your life!
Chart - Put your kids to work
Chart - Plan recurring hangouts
Chart - Host at home whenever possible
Chart - Hire a virtual assistant
Chart - Track whatever you want more of (or less of)
Chart - Hire house help
Chart - Take a hot bath every work night
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